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Changtang Grassland - the most beautiful Grassland of Tibet

Chuangtang is one of the five biggest pasture in China.The Grassland which is surrounded by the Kulun, Tanggula, Kangdese and Nyainquetanglha mountains, is call chuangtang by the local people meaning northern grassland in Tibetan.

The 600,000 square kilometre which is about half of Tibet total area is nourished by Black River,with the upper reaching Nujiang River. The grassland is a culturally rich land as well as a paradise for the wild animals and plants.On the vast grassland, yaks, sheep and nomadic people’s camps can be ssen everywhere.

The grass Naza is a kind of grass grown on the grassland.This kind of short grass has a high protein content among all grasses in Tibet, that’s why the flocks and heads grazing on Chuangtang grassland are fatter.

The famous ancient Tang -Tupo Route ran through the Qangtang Grasslandfrom south to north.

The most attractive part,is the festival attire worn by herders, especially girls and middle-aged women. At festivals, most of the girls and middle-aged women wear gorgeous and expensive Tibetan gowns and hang a lot of tinkling trinkets with them, which is really a beautiful scene.

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