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Useful Tibetan Numbers and Tibetan Words

13 February 2019 Last updated at 15:51

Helpful Phone Numbers for Tibet Travel

Here we provide the telephone numbers for emergency, weather broadcast, and other useful Tibet numbers that are frequently used by Tibet tourists. Area codes for major cities in Tibet are also available.

General Numbers:

Police: 110 Fire: 119
Ambulance: 120 Weather Forecast: 12121
Local Phone Number Inquiry: 114 Consumer Complain: 12315

Tibet Hospitals (TAR = Tibet Autonomous Region):

People's Hospital of TAR: 0891-6332462 Lhasa People's Hospital Emergency Center: 0891-98120

Tibet Transportation:

Gonggar Airport Information Desk: 0891-6182220 Bus Station of TAR: 0891-6824469

Tibet Area Codes:

Lhasa: 0891 Shigatse (Xigaze): 0892
Lhoka (Shannan): 0893 Nyingchi: 0894
Chamdo (Qamdo): 0895 Nagqu (Nakchu): 0896
Ngari (Ali): 0897  

Useful Tibetan Words

The Tibetan Language may be hard for you to master in a short time. However, learning some greetings and daily-used Tibetan words can be fun and helpful when shopping in Tibet or meeting emergencies.

Greetings & Polite Words:

Hello Tashi-Deleg 你好
How are you? Keh-Rang Ku-Su De-Bo Yin-Peh 你好吗
Thank you. Too-Je-Che 谢谢
You're welcome. Kay-Nang-Gi-Ma-Ray 不客气
I'm sorry. Gong-Dhaa 对不起
Good-bye. Kah-Leh-Phe 再见
What's your name? Ming La Kay-Rey 你叫什么名字?
My name is... Ngah ... Yin 我的名字是


I Ngah
You Keh-Rahng
He/She Khong-Rahng 他/她

Directions & Transportation:

Left Yong-Qang
Right Yehang-Qang
Go straight ahead Ke-Er-Duom 直走
Bus Mozha 汽车
Bus Station Mozha-Pazhuo 汽车站


Hotel Zhun-Kangha 旅馆
Bank Wha-Khang 银行
Hospital Men-Khang 医院
Monastery Kuong-Bah 寺庙


Price Ni-Kong-Zha 价格
How much Kah-Tsay 多少钱
Expensive Kong-Zha-Chang-Po 贵了
Cheap Kong-Zha-Chung-Po 便宜
Money Bei-Xiha
What's this? Dee Kah-Ray 这是什么
I will take it. Nhi-Geying 我要买
I will leave it. Nhi-Gemei 我不买


Daytime Ni-Ma-Kuang 白天
Night China-Kuang 晚上
Yesterday Keh-Sah 昨天
Today Thi-Ring 今天
Tomorrow Sahng-Gai 明天
Morning Shiao-Gao 早晨
Noon Ning-Guh 中午

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