Tibet Bhutan Tours 2021/2022 - Best Holidays to the Last Shangri-La

Located on Himalayan Ranges, Tibet and Bhutan are two fascinating kingdoms that many travelers dreamed of. Travelling Tibet and Bhutan together is not only just appreciating the awe-inspiring nature, but also encounter a new world you may never experience before.The breathtaking high-altitude landscape (like amazing Mount Everest, sacred Namtso Lake, spectacular Nyingchi view...) is a big reason why so many people make their way to Tibet. More than the natural beauty, Tibet is also well-known for its sacred pilgrimage sites(like Lhasa's spiritual center - Jokhang Temple, religious World Center - Mount Kailash,famous kora road - Barkhor Street, etc. ). Bhutan is an isolated land with reputation for magic and mystery. Traditional Buddhist culture and old lifestyle are well-preserved there. The two kingdoms share much in common – characteristic architectures rooted in Buddhism, colorful festivals with eternal dramas, happy simile on local people’s face, etc., but they never lost their own unique features which continue to flourish in the modern world.

How to Travel Tibet and Bhutan? You have to make transfer in Nepal

Because there is no direct air line, railway or driving road connecting Tibet Bhutan, you can travel them with Nepal which offers convenient access to Tibet and Bhutan. Usually, a Tibet Bhutan Nepal Tour can take about 15 ~ 24 days. If you want to have an essential tour, you can just focus on the landmarks and highlights of three kingdoms, including famous Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Durbar Squares, Taktsang Monastery and Punakha Dzong and so on. If you are interested in adventure, nature, Buddhist culture or overland driving, you can have an in-depth exploration to Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, Bumthang, etc.

Tibet Discovery is a Tibet-based travel agency with offices in Nepal and Bhutan. With several years’ experience, we are specialized in providing authentic Himalayan Kingdoms experience to all of our customers.

Top Tibet Bhutan Tour Packages

Here is the selection of our best private Tibet Bhutan Tour Packages which cover different destinations to match your interest. If you have your own ideas about a Tibet Bhutan travel, feel free to contact us.

15 Days Tibet Nepal Bhutan Himalaya Exploration In-depth Tour

Punakha Dzong - Most Beautiful Dzong in Bhutan

Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt.Everest Kathmandu Bhutan

Highlights: Potala Palace, Mount Everest, Durbar Square, National Memorial Chorten, Punakha Dzong

Our 15 Days Tibet Nepal Bhutan In-depth Tour takes you to explore the Himalaya culture, religion and nature. You will start your adventure from Tibet where you will travel from its capital Lhasa, the holy city to Mount Everest Base Camp, via Buddhist cultural cities Gyantse and Shigatse. After a day and night on Mount Everest, you will travel overlanding cross the border to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. You will spend two brief full days explore the landmarks in the Kathmandu Valley. Lastly, you will take a flight from Kathmandu to Bhutan, the last Shangri-la on the planet.

16 Days Nepal Tibet Bhutan Classic Tour

Monkeys in Swayambhunath

Kathmandu Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt.Everest Kathmandu Bhutan

Highlights: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swayambhunath, Potala Palace, Mount Everest, Punakha Dzong

In this 16 Days Nepal Tibet Bhutan Classic tour, you will explore the highlights of the three Himalayan kingdoms. With great convenience to get into, Nepal is your first destination. Starting from Kathmandu, you can learn the cultural charm of Kathmandu Valley and travel to Pokhara to enjoy the breathtaking nature. Then, take a flight to Lhasa and visit the landmarks in Lhasa. After the sightseeing in Lhasa, you will take an overland driving journey to Kathmandu via Mount Everest and Gyirong.

20 Days Nepal Bhutan Tibet China Essence Tour

Mutianyu Great Wall

Kathmandu Bhutan Lhasa Chengdu Xian Beijing

Highlights: Swayambhunath, Punakha Dzong, Potala Palace, Terracotta Warriors, Great Wall, Giant Panda

This tour will take you to enjoy the essence of Nepal, Bhutan and China including Tibet, which will touch you in different ways. You tour begins from Kathmandu Valley with lots of cultural heritages, and next you will travel to Pokhara - a riverside town with its splendid natural scenery. Then take a short flight to the last Shangri-La - Bhutan to feel its best traditional culture and peaceful valleys. After that, you will travel to China’s four featured cities - Lhasa, Chengdu, Xian and Beijing.

20 Days Himalaya Photography Tour from Tibet to Nepal & Bhutan

Mysterious Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Lhasa Gyantse Shigatse Mt.Everest Kathmandu Bhutan

Highlights: Potala Palace, Mount Everest, Namtsl Lake, Pokhara, Bumthang

It is a 20 days in-depth tour to Himalayan kingdoms to discover the breathtaking nature as well as rich Buddhist culture. Starting from Tibet, you will enjoy the landmarks in and natural scenery. After the sightseeing, you will take an overland trip to Nepal. In Nepal, you can not only admire the cultural architectures in Kathmandu Valley, but also appreciate the amazing Himalayan views in Pokhara. Next, you will travel deeply to Bhutan, which is a mysterious kingdom with well-protected traditional culture and spectacular natural wonders.

24 Days Bhutan Nepal Tibet Pilgrimage Tour

Mt. Kailash Kora Pilgrims

Bhutan Kathmandu Pokhara Everest Ngari Shigatse Lhasa

Highlights: Swayambhunath, Potala Palace, Mount Everest, Mount Kailash, Punakha Dzong

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan are all holy Buddhist kingdoms which have been lodestones to people for centuries. Customized for Buddhist pilgrims, adventurous travelers and those who are interested in Buddhism, this 24 days tour provides a starting point from Bhutan - a Himalayan kingdom with amazing tradition of respect and reverence of nature, plus a spiritual experience in Nepal – the born place of Buddha and Tibet - the roof of the world.

Private Tibet Tours – The Roof of the World Discovery

We have chosen top 10 best affordable private Tibet tour packages involving the overwhelming culture, incredible nature Buddhist architecture, mysterious religion, local daily life... All tour packages can be tailor-made according to your own budget and interest.


Bhutan Tour Packages - Trip to the Last Shangri-La

Join one of the following Bhutan tours to discover this endlessly alluring country into the uncontaminated Himalayan scenery and old life thousands of years ago. These tours cover the most popular destinations and attractions of Tibet. All tour packages are customizable.

5 Days Bhutan Classic Tour (Paro & Thimphu & Punakha)

This 5 days compressed tour is made for those travelers who want to see the essence of Bhutan in a limited time.

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6 Days Last Shangri-La Highlights Tour

If you are the one who are interested in Bhutan’s bright culture and unique Bhutanese way of life, this 6 days tour is made for you.

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9 Days Bhutan In-depth Natural and Cultural Tour

It allows you to step into the geographical and historical heartland of Bhutan, and delight you with fertile valleys.

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8 Days Bhutan Adventure Tour with Haa Valley

This 8 days Bhutan adventure tour will take you to explore the high passes, verdant forests, prosperous wildlife...

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