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Overland to Tibet by Road

Driving to Tibet is no longer a dream due to the great improvement of road conditions into Tibet in recent years. Despite unpaved roads and long drives, dust and danger, travelling to Tibet by road, especially self-drive tours to Tibet, has become increasingly popular because it is a more authentic way to explore Tibet. Besides, get into Tibet by road is definitely a great appeal for hardy and adventurous travelers.

In total, there are 5 highways connecting Tibet with other parts of China: the Qinghai-Tibet Highway (Xining-Golmud-Lhasa), Sichuan-Tibet Highway (Chengdu-Lhasa), Yunnan-Tibet Highway (Xiaguan-Makam), Xining Highway (Yecheng-Burang), and Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway (Lhasa-Zhangmu Friendship Bridge-Kathmandu).

Among the 5 highways, only the Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway are open to foreigners at present. Below we provide you a detailed route map of the 5 highways to Tibet, highlighting the major cities along the routes.

Tibet Road Map (with distances)

Qinghai-Tibet Highway

Qinghai-Tibet Highway is by far the shortest and the safest highway with best road conditions into Tibet, comparing to other highways. 

However, would not recommend you to travel to Tibet via Qinghai-Tibet Highway as the terrain is desolate and traffic accidents are frequently occurred. You may have a better time on the train to Lhasa.

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Tibet Friendship Highway

Tibet Friendship Highway (China Nepal Highway), the only international highway in Tibet, starts from Lhasa, through Quxu, Shigatse, Lhaze, Tingri, Nyalam and Zhangmu, along the Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge, and ends at the defense highway of Kathmandu.

Sightseeing along this Sino-Nepal highway is eye-catching, and the world No. 1 summit Mt, Everest can be seen in its dramatic splendor.

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What about the road condition in Tibet?

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