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13 Days Nepal Discovery Tour $1600

Encompassed Nepal Beauty

This tour is designed for those who are ready more than just scratching the surface of Nepal. You’ll set off on a comprehensive highlights discovery in Nepal (Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, Bandipur, Pokhara, Dhulikhel & Nagarkot), getting the once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the REAL Nepal. A land of geographic icons, historic adventurers and monumental landscapes, Nepal sits in the shadow of Everest but shines with myriad treasures. National parks hiding rare wildlife, vibrant cities filled with art and culture and simple villages still preserving the ancient way of life... all make Nepal a constant source of inspiration for curious globetrotters in search of enlightening experiences.

  • Get a deeper understanding of Nepal featured culture and history after visiting its three most magnificent "medieval kingdoms" - Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur;
  • Be amazed by the incredible view of snow-capped Himalayas Ranges from different sites in Nepal, like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Dhulikhel, Nagarkot and so on;
  • Soak up the strong religious fragrance and learn about the Buddhist temples, legends, culture etc.
  • Explore the local happy life by visiting the Nepalese peaceful villages and closely contacting with the kind local people.

Tour Brief Information

  • Tour price: $1600

    1. This price is based on a group of 2 adult travelers who will take our private tour and share one standard rooms in regular local 4-star hotel in lower seasons.

    2. This price is subject to change according your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities in your itinerary and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate. If you want a lower price, you can get more people to join you, or use economy class hotels.

    3. This price is only valid to March 31, 2021.

    4. Reference exchange rate of USD 1= RMB 6.95. The final quotation will be adjusted accoring to the latest real-time exchange rate.

  • Tour code: TD-KD-13
  • Tour type: Private Customizable Tour Package
  • Destination: Kathmand / Chitwan / Lumbini / Bandipur / Nagarkot / Kathmandu
  • Duration: 13 days & 12 nights
  • Departure: Flexible
  • Travel Theme: CulturePhotographyArchitectureFamily
  • Best Time: SpringSummerAutumnWinter
  • Physical Level
  • Tour Pace
  • Max Altitude

Itinerary Details - Day by Day

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Day 1 Kathmandu Arrival (D)

Kathmandu Airport Pick up & Check in Hotel

Welcome to Kathmandu, the colorful capital of Nepal. Upon arriving at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport, you will be welcomed by our enthusiastic local guide with smiles, then transfer to Kathmandu downtown to check in your hotel by an air-conditioned vehicle. The rest of today is on your own to relax. If you want to explore nearby, feel free to get some practical suggestions from your tour guide.

At evening, a "Welcome Dinner" will be held for you at an excellent traditional Nepalese Restaurant where you will enjoy a Nepalese cultural program as well as a fine dinner.

Free time ideas: 1) visit Garden of Dreams, Royal Botanical Garden; 2) Walk around Thamel, Ason or Indrachowk bazaar.

  • Traditional Nepalese Food Traditional Nepalese Food

Day 2 Kathmandu - Chitwan / 150km, About 5.5hrs' Driving (B)

Today's Highlight: Village Visit

After breakfast, you will be driven towards Chitwan National Park, which is about 150 kilometers from Kathmandu and a 5 hour’ drive into the mountains. Along the way, you will descend down along the winding road on the banks of Trishuli River.

Chitwan is the first national park, the oldest wildlife reserve and one of the most famous tourist destinations in Nepal. Because of its remaining undisturbed vestiges of the Terai Region and particularly rich flora & fauna, it is listed in UNESECO World Heritage. There are over 70 recorded mammal species and hundreds of species of birds reside in the park.

After checking into the hotel and getting refreshed you will be briefed about full nature programs by nature guide. Then you'll head on for activities. There will be a guided village walk and a walk on the banks of the Rapti River to watch the charming sunset views in the sub-tropical jungle.

In the evening, dinner with Tharu Cultural Program by ethnic tribal people with their Tharu dances (like Stick Dance, Fire Dance and Peacock Dance) and tribal drums. It will entertain you as well as introduce you the Tharu culture and tradition.

  • Tharu Cultural Program in Chitwan Tharu Cultural Program in Chitwan

Day 3 Exlopre Chitwan (B, L, D)

Today's Highlight: Chitwan National Park Safari

Today, you will have a full day enjoying safari in Chitwan National Park. As the home to sizable populations of wildlife, this park will undoubtedly offer you a splendid experience with the nature. In Chitwan National Park, you can find various endangered animals (like single-horned rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, Leopards, Mugger Crocodile, Indian rock python and several species of deer, etc.), some amphibians (like golden monitor lizard, crocodiles, python…) and over 500 species of birds (like lesser florican, large hornbill, black stork, white stork, etc.) There is a variety of excursions to have nature fun in Chitwan National Park, including Jeep safari, Canoe Ride, Jungle Walk and Elephant Safari, you can choose one or some of them according your own time and interest. Please tell your travel consultant your likes before booking the tour, and the final quotation will differ by activities you choose.

Jeep Safari: Jeep Safari allows you to travel into deep forest of jungle and get a better opportunity to take a view of more wild animals closely. The whole Jeep safari trip takes about 4 ~ 5 hours.

Canoe Ride: Canoeing at Rapti River is also a great adventurous experience. You are able to observe crocodiles basking motionlessly under the sun with their snouts wide. It is also possible to see the exotic species of birds sipping at the waters. It takes about 45 minutes usually.

Jungle Walk: Exploring the park on foot is a fantastic way to see the nature as well. Walking through the tall grasses and twisting vines, you will spot some wild animals and rare birds as well. Jungle walk takes 1.5 ~ 2 hours usually.

Elephant Safari: Exploring Chitwan National Park on the back to lumbering elephant offers you a safe and splendid vantage point high above the towering bushes. You may even take a bath with an elephant and learn how to wash your elephant!

Stay overnight in Chitwan.

Note: our price is based on Elephant Safari + Jungle Walk. Please tell your travel consultant your likes before booking the tour, and the final quotation will differ by activities you choose.

  • Riding Elephant in Chitwan National Park Riding Elephant in Chitwan National Park
  • Asian Rhinoceros in Chitwan National Park Asian Rhinoceros in Chitwan National Park

Day 4 Chitwan - Lumbini / 150km, About 4hrs' Driving (B)

Today's Highlights: Maya Devi Temple, Ashokan Pillar

Today after having breakfast, you will be transferred to Lumbini with 4 hours’ driving. On this day, you’ll enjoy the Buddhist culture to its fullest potential in Lumbini.

After a short rest, start your Buddhist exploration by visiting Maya Devi Temple which was built to dedicate Maya Devi – the mother of the Lord Buddha. According to the Buddhist scholars, Lord Buddha was given birth here. The Sacred pond is believed to be where Maya Devi took ritual dip prior to giving birth to the Buddha. The surrounded grounds are the ruined foundations of a great number of brick pagodas and monasteries which can be trace back to the 2nd century BC to the 9th century AD. Just in front Maya Devi Temple, you can find Ashokan Pillar, an inscribed sandstone pillar to commemorate that the Indian emperor Ashoka visited Lumbini in 249 BC.

Tips: At the gate to Maya Devi Temple, you must remove your shoes, and a spare pair of socks will be helpful if you want to walk around the garden.

  • Ashokan Pillar -  Time-honored Inscribed Sandstone Pillar Ashokan Pillar - Time-honored Inscribed Sandstone Pillar
  • Maya Devi Temple and the Sacred Pond meditating Budisits in Maya Devi Temple

Day 5 Lumbini - Bandipur / 180km, About 5~6hrs' Driving ( B )

Drive from Lumbini to Bandipur

Today after breakfast, you will drive about 5~6 hours to Bandipur, an ancient trading town praised as a living museum of Newari culture. It once was a key stop on the India-Tibet trade route. Since other trading posts of Nepali hills have been modernized, Bandipur retains its aging-old cultural attributes Situated on a ridge top south of Dumre, Banipur can be attained with a short driving (or a 2 hour’s climb or instead) from Dumre. In this well-preserved town, you can find the winding lanes are lined with traditional Newari houses. Besides, its survived temples, shrines, holy caves etc. all shows a charming atmosphere. In fact, Bandipur remains a living community, bustling with traders and farms going about their works alongside the tourists.

  • Tour to Bandipur Beautiful and Peaceful Town of Bandipur
  • Tour to Bandipur Girls lives in charming Bandipur

Day 6 Bandipur - Pokhara / 80km, About 2.5hrs' Driving ( B )

Today's Highlight: Siddha Cave

Today, you'll start with a morning hiking to Siddha Cave – the largest cave in Nepal and second largest cave in South Asia. It stretches 437m in depth and 50m in height. There are lots of twisted stalactites and stalagmites and a number of bats chirp and whistle overhead in its castle-shaped chasm.

After the sightseeing of Siddha Cave, you'll be transferred to Pokhara at a driving of about 2.5 hours. Pokhara is a remarkable place of natural beauty. Situated at an altitude of 827m from the sea level and 200 km west of Kathmandu valley, the city is known as a center of adventure. 

  • Siddha Cave Siddha Cave - Largest Cave in Nepal

Day 7 Explore Pokhara ( B )

Sarangkot Sunrise, Peace Temple, Phewa Lake

Get up in the early morning and go to Sarangkot to enjoy breathtaking sunrise. When the sun picks out the peaks, they are transformed from a purple-pink to a celestial gold. As the day breaks thoroughly, you can admire a wonderful panoramic sweep of Himalayan peaks from west to east, which is praised as one of the most beautiful picture in Nepal. After the spectacular sunrise and landscape weeping at Sarangkot, you will drive to Peace Temple to see the brilliant World Peace Pagoda. The road to the pagoda is not in very good condition, but scenery is stunning. Constructed by the Buddhists from Japanese Nipponzan Myohoji organization, World Peace Pagoda expresses the good wishes of world peace. While seeing the enchanting natural sights around, you will also get a feeling of inner peace as well.

After lunch, you will visit Devil's Fall, locally known as Patale Chhango (Hells Fall). It is an awesome waterfall lying about 2 km south-west of Pokhara Airport on the highway to Tanmen. Then, pay a visit to the nearby Gupteswar Gupha, which is a sacred cave. It has some big hall-size rooms and some passages where you have to crawl on all fours. Afterwards, you will have a relaxed journey in Phewa Lake which is the second largest lake in Nepal. You can take one of the beautifully painted boats to cruise on the lake or enjoy a relaxing biking around the lake. You will then visit the most important religious monument in Pokhara - Barahi Temple which is built almost in the middle of Phewa Lake. The two storied pagoda is dedicated to boar manifestation of Ajima, the protector deity representing the female force Shakti.

Recommended optional activities:

1) Paragliding into the sky to witness the magnificent view of the snow peaks and pristine lakes with an the experienced pilot; 2) Enjoy a relaxing biking around Phewa Lake.

  • Picturesque Devil's Fall in Pokhara
  • Watching Himalaya Mountains from Pokhara Nepal Pokhara
  • Sarangkot Sunrise Sarangkot Sunrise

Day 8 Explore Pokhara (B)

Today's Highlight: Pokhara Adventure Experience

Today, you will enjoy an adventurous activity in Phokhara, such as hiking, biking, rafting, parglinding, etc. You can choose one of the below options, or tell your travel consultant to customize according to your interest.

Nature Day Hike from Australian Camp to Dhampus

After breakfast, drive about 40 mins from Pokhara to Kande, then start hiking to the Australian Camp, which costs around 2 hours. You can enjoy unobstructed scenery of snow mountains of both Annapurna Range and Dhaulagiri Range, beautiful terraces, peaceful villages along the hiking trail. After spending some time at Australian Camp, you will hike down through jungle to Dhampus, a community of local Gurang people with picturesque view of Annapurna mountains. Spend some time for lunching and exploring local culture, then walk down to Phedi, and drive back to Pokhara.

Seti River Rafting Day Tour from Pokhara

Located only about 1 hr’s driving from Pokhara, the Seti River is the perfect venue for a rafting adventure. It is a gentle river providing safe and comfortable rafting experience as well as a great variety of beautiful views including snow peaks, terrace fields, waterfalls, local villages, wild jungles, etc. It is suitable for family with kids either.

  • Paragliding in Pokhara Paragliding in Pokhara

Day 9 Pokhara - Dhulikhel / 300km, About 6~7hrs' Driving (B)

Drive from Pokhara to Dhuilkhel

Today, you will be transferred to Dhulikhel which is located in at the eastern rim of Kathmandu Valley. It needs 6 ~ 7 hours' drive. After your arrival, take a lesurely walk in the peaceful villages.

Accommodate at Dhulikhel.

Day 10 Dhulikhel - Nagarkot / 30km, About 1.5hrs' Driving (B)

Today's Highlight: Namo Buddha Stupa

In the morning, you’ll visit Namo Buddha Stupa, one of three main stupas of Kathmandu Valley. There is a mysterious story concerned with prince Mahasatta (one of the Lord Buddha’s former incarnations). The stupa is believed to be built on is bones and hairs. Besides its Buddhist significance, the natural environment is very pleasant, with fresh air and good views of Himalayan ranges. Many Buddhists come here for meditation and practice.

After Lunch, you will be transferred to Bhaktapur - one of three medieval city-states in the Kathmandu Valley as well as the best preserved one with an altitude of 1,401 meter. With three different styles square - Durbar Square, Taumadhi Square and Dattatreya Square, it is the best place to explore traditional Nepalese architecture and local life and custom, also the best place to witness the great achievements of arts and crafts created by the famous Nepal's Malla Dynasty (1201–1769). Bhaktapur is also famous as the Town of the Devotees. There are many devout Hindus and Buddhists living in the city.

Leaving Bhaktapusr you'll be transferred to Nagarkot. Situated 34km north-east of Kathmandu, Nagarkot is one of the most beautiful places in Nepal as well as a queiter place to escape from Kathmandu’s hustle and bustle. Enjoy the beautiful sunset if time and weather permits.

  • Bhaktapur Durbar Sqaure Bhaktapur Durbar Sqaure
  • Amazing Namo Buddha Stupa at Dusk Amazing Namo Buddha Stupa at Dusk

Day 11 Nagarkot - Kathmandu / 30km, About 1.5hrs' Driving (B)

Today's Highlight: Nagarkot Sunrise

Get up early in the morning to catch the precious moment to watch the breathtaking sunrise over Himalayan Mountains. You can see five of the world’s tallest mountains – Everest (8,848m), Lhotse (8,516m), Cho Oyu (8,201m), Makalu (8,463m) – and many other lesser summits in clear days.

After having the fantastic time in Nagarkot, you'll be transferred to Kathmandu.  Start with a wonderful stroll around the grand Kathmandu Durbar Square - the social, religious and urban focal point of the Newari Malla which was one of the three medieval kingdoms ruling Kathmandu valley between the 12th and 18th centuries. It is also known as Hanuman Dhoka Palace, meaning the Gateway of Hunuman - the monkey God who is the deity of the Durbar Square area. You can see the beautiful Taleju Temple, Kumari Goddess Temple, Jagannath Temple, Kal Bhairav, the statue of King Pratap Malla, the Big Bell, Big Drum, etc. From the Durbar Square, you will travel towards the western delight of the Valley - Swayambhunath, the Kathmandu's most ancient and enigmatic holy shrine with a history over 2500 years. There are a lot of monkeys residing in the Temple, that's why the shrine is also famous as the Monkey Temple.It is an excellent place for a quick hike and some fresh air. On the clear days, you are able to see a line of Himalayan Ranges, and enjoy a fine view over Kathmandu city and the valley.

Next, drive to Boudhanath which is the largest stupa in the world with a height of 131ft (39.93 m) , also one of the most important Buddhist sacred sites in Kathmandu valley. The stupa was was built around the 5th century A.D. with a highly unique three level mandala style structure. The location of the stupa is on the ancient trade road to Tibet where the merchants from Tibet rested and hanged prayer flags here for centuries.

After the nice refreshing tour of the Heritage and religious sites, return to your hotel.

  • Enjoy Himalaya Mountains Views at Nagarkot Enjoy Himalaya Mountains Views at Nagarkot
  • Giant Boudhanath Stupa Giant Boudhanath Stupa
  • Monkey Temple Panoramic View from Monkey Temple

Day 12 Kathmandu (B)

Today's Highlights: Patan Durbar Sqarue, Newari Village in Bungamati

In the morning, drive about 4km to Patan, the second largest city in Kathmandu valley. Compared with Kathmandu city, Patan is quieter, a living place to experience Nepal local culture and lifestyle. You will visit its landmark - Patan Durbar Square which is honored as the finest collection of temples and palaces with exquisite carvings in Nepal. There are Hindu and Buddhist relic sites spread around the square. Most famous one is Krishna Temple which is said to be carved from a single enormous stone. Enjoy the beautiful stone works, religious sculptures, and enjoy a leisure stroll through packed streets of souvenirs in the square.

After Patan, you will visit Bungamati, another Newari Village where you will have chance to meet the local people and witness their life style.

Evening is free on your own to go shopping at Thamel. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Optional Activity: take the one-hour scenic flight in the early morning to enjoy the fantastic Mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks, lakes and glaciers from the air.Window seat is guaranteed.

  • Tour to Bandipur Bungamati Village with Tranquil Scenery
  • Pigeons at Patan Durbar Square Pigeons at Patan Durbar Square

Day 13 Kathmandu Departure ( B )

Kathmandu Airport Dropped off

Today is free for you until your guide pick you up from hotel to the airport to catch your flight in time.

Tips: Please pack your luggage carefully, especially for small things like camera charge, power adaptor, mobile phone, phone charger, wallet and towel. If your flight is arranged in the afternoon, please make sure you check out the hotel before 12pm.

Price & Service Guide

The quotation for this trip is $1600 per person

1. This price is based on a group of 2 adult travelers who will take our private tour and share one standard rooms in regular local 4-star hotel in lower seasons.

2. This price is subject to change according your traveling season, group size, hotel class, change of activities in your itinerary and possible fluctuation of currency exchange rate. If you want a lower price, you can get more people to join you, or use economy class hotels.

3. This price is only valid to March 31, 2021.

4. Reference exchange rate of USD 1= RMB 6.95. The final quotation will be adjusted accoring to the latest real-time exchange rate.

What's included in this price?

  • Private professional English-speaking tour guide.
  • Private vehicle and Luggage Transfers.
  • All accommodations, based on double-occupancy. Medium standard accommodation with attached bathroom on twin sharing basis. Guesthouse or tent in remote areas.
  • Meals noted in the itinerary as "B, L, D".
  • Admission fees and activity expenses, as noted in the itinerary.
  • Service Charge (the planning, handling, operational and communication charges) & government taxes.
  • Tourists Accident/Casualty Insurance

What's excluded in this price?

  • Nepal visa (your local tour guide could help you get it if necessary).
  • Sightseeing not listed in the itinerary.
  • Meals not listed in the itinerary (all lunches and dinners).
  • Personal expenses such as laundry, drink, fax, telephone call, optional tour activities, etc.
  • Gratuities, tips to guides, drivers, bellboys, etc.
  • Excess Baggage Charges.
  • Single room supplement.
  • Additional tour service and/or activities.

Value for money:

While the trip of a lifetime is priceless, we know value is a vital aspect for those deciding which tour to choose.

When comparing tour prices, be sure to compare like to like. Our tours are designed to ensure that our customers experience all the culture, history, and beauty that Tibet has to offer, and at a reasonable price.

A great way to enjoy the lowest possible price is to invite more people to join your trip to share the travel experience as well as the tour expense. The more people in a group, the lower the price per person. (We recommend you join our group tour if you are traveling alone. Please contact our travel consultant for more information)

Booking early is also an easy way to ensure the best rate! We highly recommend you contact us at least 1 month before your planned departure date.

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Hi Wenday,

So cool, so happy y’all could add it to the itinerary, very unique and amazing museum/archaeology site. It's a wonderful opportunity to see evidence of the Xia Dynasty's existence. Even for folks who aren't history teachers.

Thank you all so much. So great thanks!


Below are some photos taken during our trip:

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White Horse Temple and Erlitou Site Museum Of the Xia Capital in Luoyang

China Luoyang Zhengzhou Tour

Shaolin Temple, Henan Museum and Yellow River Scenic Area in Zhengzhou

China Luoyang Zhengzhou Tour

Longmen Grottoes and Ancient Town in Luoyang

 October 8, 2020
Hi Rita,

Good morning! Yes we are in the train to Kunming.

Thank you for all the great support!


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 October 3, 2020
Dear Zeva,

I want to thank you for your truly exceptional customer service. You have been very helpful through this entire process.

If we should be able to reschedule a visit to China in the future, I will certainly use your services, and I would happily refer my friends and associates.



 April 2, 2020
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Useful Trip Notes

  • Recommended groups: suitable for all kinds of groups like youth, students, seniors, couple. It is especially designed for those visitors who want a combination of cultural, natural, and jungle/wildlife exposure during their trip.
  • Conditions: Your activities are mainly arranged in Kathmandu Valley, Chitwan and Pokhara. The altitude in these places are less than 1,400 m, and the road condition is not quite good during the transfer. While be careful when you take part in activities in Chitwan such as elephant safari, a nature walk, bird watching, a jungle drive or a canoe trip. 
  • Nepal Visa: Nepal visa is required for all foreign nationals (except Indian nationals), who wants to enter Nepal and spend a holiday there. Once the visa was issued, it must be used within six months from the date of issue. For foreign travelers who want a holiday in Nepal, there are three kinds of Nepal Visa to apply according to different tour durations and purpose, including Single-entry Visa, Multi-entry Visa and Transit Visa. Nepal Visa on Arrival is possible for UK, EEC, Australia, Canada and USA passport holders, and can be issued at Tribhuvan International Airport.
  • The Best time: Available all year round. Highly recommend in February, March, April, May, September, October and November. Winter can be a bit cold. While June July and August are the monsoon season and the weather is hot and wet at times.
  • How to Get to Kathmandu
    Travelers can take inbound international flights to Kathmandu from Lhasa, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Kunming in China, Thailand, India, Qatar, Turkey, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates directly. Overland travel from Tibet, India or Bhutan is also available.

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