Nepal Tour Information 2020/2021

What come up to your mind when you think of Nepal? Himalaya, Everest, Buddhism, Hinduism, Durbar Square? Yes, Nepal is a land of icons. You will find in Nepal adventure and culture go hand in hand.

Though as a small and narrow country, Nepal has too much to fulfill your trip. Thanks to the Himalaya Range, Nepal has the best trekking experience in the world. With the highest mountain Everest, there are eight peaks over 8,000 meters sprinkling around the country. Everest and Annapurna Sanctuary are two most popular base of trekking. Nepal's capital Kathmandu is no doubt one of the most amazing cities with rich culture and history which has become a hub for travelers to travel around the southern Asia. Visiting Nepal is a cultural and historical adventure when you soak in the grand Durbar Squares, monasteries of Buddhism and Hinduism, ornate Royal Palaces, crowding streets. These are not all - have a conversation with locals, share smile with a Buddhist monk, rafting down a river, visit the living Goddess.

Latest important Notice

    Gyirong Port has been opened for foreign travelers. From 30 August, 2017, foreign travelers can enter Tibet from Nepal or leave Tibet for Nepal at Gyirong Port with necessary permits. Read more >

Popular Tours in Nepal – travel Nepal with classic itineraries

These tours cover the most popular destinations in Nepal, including Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, Lumbini, etc, and offer you flexible choices of tour duration. At the same time, you can choose your ideal trip according to your interests-history, culture, photograph, trekking...Furthermore, we are also good at tailor-making a trip to match your needs.


Essential Nepal Travel Guide

Where to Go in Nepal - Nepal Destinations

Nepal is full of places to explore, but there are six destinations on the top of the list. Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur in the vibrant Kathmandu Valley are famous for their unique architecture, and rich culture, includes 7 World Heritage Sites. While Pokhara is known as the 'natural capital' of Nepal for its beautiful lakes and lush hills with close view of Himalaya Range. If you love jungle adventures and wild lives, go to Chitwan National Park. If you are interested in Buddhist culture, you can never miss the birth place of Buddha - Lumbini.

Nepal is a special country which is land-blocked far away from other continents. Before your Nepal trip, you have to know how to get to Nepal from your country, how to get Nepal Visa, how to arrange your accommodation, etc. Here are our in-depth, easy-to-use Nepal essential travel guide filled with expert advice. If you have any question, please contact us for suggestions.

Nepal Tibet Tours & Lhasa Kathmandu Tours

Traveling Nepal with Tibet is strongly recommended because they are both situated on the Himalaya, featured in Buddhism culture, and share the highest peak of the world - Mount Everest. At the same time, there are many differences between their traditions and customs. Take one of our Nepal Tibet Tours to find out the things Nepal and Tibet have in common, and the differences between them. You can travel overlanding from Kathmandu to Lhasa, via Mount Everest, Shigatse, etc.


Extend Your Nepal Tours to China and Bhutan

Benefiting from the strategic geographical location and covenient flight transfer, you can easily extend your Nepal trip to Bhutan and China, two of most popular travel destinations in the world. There are daily flights between Kathmandu and Paro in Bhutan. From Kathmandu, you can take flights to Lhasa, Chengdu, Kunming, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, etc.

Enter the peaceful, soul-touching lands of Nepal and Bhutan, and experience their magnificent histories and unique cultural heritage sites - from the amazing medieval Durbar Sqquares of Nepal to the grand and solemn Dzongs and palaces in Bhutan. They never fail to enchant travelers.

China is vast and diverse, while Nepal is small but classic. Why not to combine them in a single trip as there many flights operating between? You can visit the Kathmandu with the most popular destinations in China, such ass Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Chengdu, Lhasa...

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