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A Nepal Sadhu is doing meditation in Kathmandu Durbar Square A Nepal Sadhu is doing meditation in Kathmandu Durbar Square

Visas and Permits for Nepal Tibet Tour - Tibet Entry & Travel Visas from Nepal

Whether you are planning a Nepal Tibet tour or go in an opposite route, there are lots of visas and permits information you ought to know for Tibet entry and travel. Though Nepal and Tibet are good neighbors bordering on Himalaya Rang (flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa only takes 1.5hrs), travelling from Nepal to Tibet or from Tibet to Nepal belongs to an international travel with border cross. Thus, extra visas like Border Pass and a specialized Tibet Group Visa are required if you travel into Tibet from Nepal. Beyond that, Tibet has some regional permits rules. Check the following detailed introduction if you will go on a Nepal Tibet journey.

Tibet Group Visa - Visa Needed for Tibet Travel from Nepal

Procedure for entering Tibet from Nepal differs from Tibetan entry from mainland China. Your previous Chinese Visa will become invalid once you choose the international travel route to Tibet. Because Tibet is one part of one China, domestic tour demands another set of requirement. Hence, only a Tibet Group Visa issued by Chinese Embassy in Nepal guarantee you a successful accession to Tibet from Nepal.

What is Tibet Group Visa?

Tibet Group Visa or Chinese Group Visa is a kind of single entry visa for travelers who intend to visit Tibet from Nepal, or further travel in mainland China. The Group Visa can be applied by Nepal travel agency in Kathmandu Nepal only. Personal information of travelers is printed on a piece of A4 paper. Two copies will be given for each tourist, one for entrance and another for exit. All group members must enter Tibet and depart from China simultaneously in a same port. As for the previous Chinese Visa got from tourists’ home country or other third country, valid or not, it will be scrapped once the applicant get the Tibet Group Visa.

How to Get A Group Visa?

Neither Tibet Travel Permit nor Tibet Group Visa can be submitted by tourists personally. Authorized local Nepal travel agencies are the experts who have the right to operate the visa/permit application. TibetDiscovery will help you obtain Tibet Group Visa and other necessary permits after you confirm Nepal Tibet Tour service form us. Follow up our guidance and provide us needed materials, you will get all valid Tibet visas and permits. First, scan copies of your passport and other data should be given for Tibet Travel Permit and border pass application from Tibet Tourism Bureau; meanwhile, we will apply for a Tibet Invitation Letter from the Bureau for use of Tibet Group Visa application in Nepal. TibetDiscovery will get all your Tibet visas and permits in Tibet and our Nepal travel agency partner will deal with the Tibet Group Visa in Kathmandu Nepal. You just need to prepare original passport, completed visa application form and related supporting materials, we take care of all details.

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Visa & Permits for Nepal Tibet Tour
Atistic Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu
Tibet Group Visa
Tibet Group Visa
Visa & Permits for Nepal Tibet Tour
Passport Required for Group Visa Application

Tibet Travel Permit – Compulsory Tibet Entry Permit

Why need the Tibet Travel Permit?

Tibet, part of China, owns special and precious ethnic traditions, cultural and historic relics, ecological environment and etc. which need extraordinary protections. As a result, China National Tourism Administration regulate that all non-Chinese passport holders, foreign tourists, Taiwanese tourists and overseas Chinese included who wish to travel to Tibet must obtain the ratification of foreigners' travel to Tibet. The Tibet Travel Permits is always needed no matter foreign tourists visit Tibet from Nepal or inland China. Nepal Tibet Tourists have to obtain a Tibet Travel Permit apart from Tibet Group Visa.

Besides, the National Bureau states that foreign journalists, diplomatists and government officials and other related foreigners are not allowed to enter and visit Tibet as tourists.

What is the Tibet Travel Permit?

Tibet Travel Permit is the fficial document which permits a foreign traveler to enter and travel in Tibet. It is a mandatory regional travel voucher issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau in Tibet, so most people usually call it Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit, TTB Permit for short.

As a foremost and compulsory certification, tourists without Tibet Travel Permit are unable to get aboard a train or flight to/off Tibet. No matter where you choose to enter Tibet from, mainland China or Nepal in south Asia, Tibet Travel Permit always comes first. Once visitors get and hold the TTB Permit, you can visit Lhasa, Shigatse, Namtso Lake, Everest, Mt. Kailash and many well-known destinations in Tibet.

How to obtain the Tibet Travel Permit?

Any independent foreign travel in Tibet is prohibited. Because all non-Chinese passport holders are required to visit Tibet with organized tour service from Tibet travel agency, including tour schedule, tour guide, private driver and vehicle and lodgings. To plan a Tibet tour, the priority tourists should settle is to contact our travel consultant to work out a Tibet itinerary. We will handle the Tibet Travel Permit and above travel documents once you confirm all the arrangements and get them ready before you start your Tibet journey.

Tourists simply need to send us your scan copy of the valid passport, and we will submit the Tibet Entry application and deliver it to your pointed address when necessary. During your whole Tibet tour, please take care of the TTB Permit even when you are boarding a Tibet train or flight.

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Tibet on China Map
Tibet Location of China Map
Tibet Travel Permit
Tibet Travel Permit
Potala Palace
Gorgeous Tibet Landmark - Potala Palace

Tibet Border Pass - Official Permit for Border Areas' Visit

Tibet of southwest China borders on Nepal along the Himalaya Mountains. Undoubtedly, travelling from Nepal to Tibet needs a Tibet Border Pass - a permit allows foreign visitors to travel across border areas between Tibet China and other countries.

Issued by Tibet Armed Police Border Corps in Lhasa through submission of Tibet travel agency, Tibet Border Pass is the third must have permit(after Tibet Group Visa and Tibet Travel Permit) for travelling from Nepal to Tibet. Due to the unique location of boundary region, further Tibet exploration in remote destinations like Mt. Everest and Zhangmu and Yadong in Shigatse, Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar in Ngari, some places in Shannan or Nyingchi prefectures needs a Border Pass as well, although foreign tourists go to Tibet from endoland region of China.

Local Tibet guide of Tibet Discovery will apply it for you ahead and send a scan copy (valid for cross-border entry) to you before boarding the bus or international flight from Nepal and clear the custom in Tibet immigration.

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Tibet Border Pass
Nepal to Tibet Border Pass

Aliens' Travel Permit - Tibet Permit for Visiting Unopened Areas

Issued by local Tibetan Public Security Bureau, Aliens’ Travel Permit is also called PSB Permit. The PSB Permit is not a must document like Tibet Group Visa and Tibet Travel Permit, if you only visit Lhasa, Namtso in Tibet. However, it’s necessary when foreigners visit areas out of Lhasa, such as Shigatse, Shannan, Nyingchi, Ngari and etc. Unlike above permits mentioned, Aliens’ Travel Permit can be easily applied after tourists arrive in Lhasa with original passport and copy of Tibet Travel Permit.

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Visa & Permit for Nepal Tibet Tour
Aliens' Travel Permit

Military Permit - Additional Permit for Tibet Remote Travel

The Military Permit is not a vital entry permit to Tibet but a needful travel document when visiting restricted and military sensitive places in Tibet, such as all the places in Ngari (Mt. Kailash, Lake Manasarovar), Ningchi (Pomi, Ranwu), Qamdo etc. Issued by the Military office in Lhasa, it takes much longer time and procedures to get approved through travel agency application. Therefore, tourists need to send the scan copy of valid passport and visas already got to us earlier when we need your cooperation.

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Military Permit
Tibet Military Permit

Necessary visa and permits for Tibet tour is kind of complicated than mainland China travel. Just take it easy, TibetDiscovery is your reliable and professional help to handle all documents issue for you. Follow our guide and prepare essential materials, we are here to make your Tibet journey easier and comfortable. Tibet Group Visa, Tibet Travel Permit and Border Pass merely offer you access to Tibet from Nepal, extra permits listed are demanded for where exactly you are visiting in Tibet. You are free to contact us for more inquiry and check about Tibet visas and permits.

Chinese Visa
Chinese Visa (L) for Foreign Tourists

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