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Gyantse Maps - Updated Helpful Maps of Gyantse Tibet

29 March 2018 Last updated at 11:06

Gyantse is a famous historical town in Tibet. It is located along the driving way to Shigatse from Lhasa. It is considered as the third largest and most prominent town in Tibet region, and one of the most popular destinations in Tibet. Gyantse is notable for the Kumbum Stupa (literally, '100,000 images') of the Palcho Monastery which contains 77 chapels in its six floors, and is illustrated with over 10,000 murals, many showing a strong Nepali influence. The famous Gyantse Dzong is the highest viewing spot in the town. From Gyantse, travelers can extend the trips to Shigatse, Mount Everest, even Mount Kailash.

Below are the latest and the most updated maps and information to help you plan your Gyantse Tibet tour, or make a better living in Gyantse!

Gyantse Maps 2019/2020
Gyantse Location Map
Gyantse Maps 2019/2020
Lhasa to Gyantse Driving Map
Gyantse Maps 2019/2020
Gyantse to Mount Everest Map
Gyantse Maps 2019/2020
Gyantse Attractions Map
Gyantse Maps 2019/2020
Gyantse Shigatse Distance Map
Gyantse Maps 2019/2020
Gyantse City Map
Gyantse Maps 2019/2020
Gyantse Nearby Destinations Map

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