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Begin Your Trip to the mystery of Land of the Thunder Dragon by Air Begin Your Trip to the mystery of Land of the Thunder Dragon by Air

How to Get to Bhutan, Reach Bhutan from India and Nepal 2021/2022

14 July 2020 Last updated at 11:48

Where is Bhutan Located?

Located in South Asia, the Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked country bordering Tibet of China in the north and India on other three sides (Sikkim state in west, Arunachal Pradesh in east and North Bengal in south). It is also standing by the eastern Himalaya Mountains, which make it blessed with unbelievable natural beauty. Plus its perfectly-preserved traditions and customs in hidden mountains, countless travelers are attracted to go to Bhutan searching for secret of happiness and pristine wild nature.

How Do You Get to Bhutan

Until now, Bhutan has just established diplomatic ties with more than 20 countries worldwide, including India, Thailand, etc. Due to little connection with outside world and its own isolated location, currently, there are only two ways available to get to Bhutan - take a flight to Bhutan and travel to Bhutan from India by road. If you plan to travel from Tibet to Bhutan, check our guide of Tibet to Bhutan Transportation to get more details. What is the best way to reach Bhutan? Check more details and compare to find your perfect way to go.

Get to Bhutan by Flight - Fly to Bhutan from Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore, Bangladesh

It’s quite obviously that, flying to Bhutan is the most convenient and comfortable way of travel. Here are important things to know before you plan an air travel to Bhutan. At present, there are totally four airports in Bhutan, but only the Paro International Airport in western Bhutan serves international flights. And all the flights to Bhutan or leaving Bhutan are operated by Drukair Air and Bhutan Airlines exclusively. Currently, there are five countries (9 cities) directly connected with Bhutan by flights, including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Singapore and Thailand. Find more available Flights to Bhutan >>

Bhutan Flights Schedules:

Air Route Departure & Arrival Distance Duration Frequency Flight Type
Nepal-Bhutan Kathmandu - Paro 250 miles (403km) about 1 hr 2 flights per day nonstop flights
India-Bhutan Delhi - Paro 757 miles (1218km) about 2.5 hrs 2 flights per day nonstop flights
Guwahati - Paro 161 miles (259km) about 1.5 hrs about 4 flights per week nonstop flights
Kolkata - Paro 333 miles (535km) about 1.5 hrs about 1+ flights per day nonstop flights
Bagdogra - Paro 333 miles (535km) about 1 hr about 2 flights per week nonstop flights
Gaya - Paro 252 miles (406km) about 1.5 hrs appr 5 flights per week nonstop flights
Thailand-Bhutan Bangkok - Paro 1176 miles (1892km) about 3.5 hrs appr 5 flights per week nonstop flights
Singapore-Bhutan Singapore - Paro 2035 miles (3276km) about 6 hrs appr 2 flights per week nonstop flights
Bangladesh-Bhutan Dhaka - Paro 333 miles (535km) about 1.5 hrs about 3 flights per week nonstop flights

Note: 1.) The above flight schedules are listed for reference only, you can contact us or the airlines in Bhutan to check updated timetable; 2.) It's suggested to book flights as early as possible, since flights are limited, they sell out very fast, especially during peak season.

About Bhutan Paro Internationa Airport

Paro Airport (IATA: PBH, ICAO: VQPR) is Bhutan’s only international airport, and it is located in Paro Valley, about 6km of Paro City center. The airport is very small with one single track and major building. Paro Airport has an elevation of 2,200m (7,300 ft), but it is surrounded by mountains higher than 5,000m, it’s a quite challenge and memorable air experience you may have.

All travelers to Bhutan have join in local tour package organized by Bhutanese travel agency. Therefore, after arrival, your Bhutanese tour guide and driver will pick you up and send you to your hotel. It usually takes about 15 ~ 20 minutes to transfer from Paro Airport to Paro City, and nearly 1.5 hours (50km) to capital city - Thimphu in northeast. Get more useful guide of Transportation in Bhutan and Bhutan Tour Packages >>

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How to Get to BhutanBhutan Paro Airport

Travel to Bhutan by Road - Overland Drive from India to Bhutan

Bhutan only borders with Tibet, China and India. Since Bhutan has not developed a diplomatic relation with China, there are no available ports between China and Bhutan yet. On the contrary, along the 699-km land border between India and Bhutan, opened international border ports make the overland driving journey from India to Bhutan available and frequently-used for road trip lovers.

Now, there are three ports connecting India and Bhutan, namely Phuentsholing, Samdrup Jongkhar and Gelephu in Bhutan.

1. Phuentsholing - Jaigaon Port

Phuentsholing (Phuntsholing) is a little border town situated in Southern Bhutan, connecting Chhukha District of Bhutan and Jaigaon, West Bengal of India. It’s the primary and most-used border port in Bhutan. In India, you can get to Siliguri nearby Phuentsholing, or take a Indian train to New Jalpaiguri and New Alipurduar, where is quite close to the border area, or go to Bagdogra by flight firstly, and then drive about 5~6 hours to Phuentsholing. Phuentsholing is about 6 hours’ driving distance away from Paro and Thimphu in Bhutan.

Tips: Indians, Bangladesh and Maldive citizens can enter Bhutan with valid passport or identity cards, other travelers must get a Bhutan Visa prior to arrival.

2. Samdrup Jongkhar - Assam Port

Samdrup Jongkhar, the oldest town of Bhutan, is also open to foreign tourists in southeast border area, but it might be closed due to the road transport disrupted by occasional strike. It borders with Assam of India in the south, about 3 hours’ driving distance from Guwahati, where there are frequent and reasonable flight connection with New Delhi and some other Indian cities.

3. Gelephu Port

Gelephu is located in southern Bhutan bordering with Assam as well, but less used then above ports. It normally takes around one day drive distance for both Bagdogra and Guwahati Airports. With another day’s drive, you can arrive in Wangdue Phodrang or Trongsa, approximately 10 hours to capital Thimphu.

India Bhutan portsPhuentsholing Port - Bhutan Gate

How to Reach Bhutan from Nepal and India

If you plan to travel to Bhutan from US, UK, or countries not connected with Bhutan by air, you need to transfer in one of the countries mentioned before, including Nepal, India, Thailand, Singapore and Bangladesh. You can simply fly to Bhutan if you’re already in one of them. If not, so, which country should be chose as transit station to get to Bhutan? Nepal and India are both very popular gateway to Bhutan for lots of reasons. You will make final decision according to own itinerary and preference. But, to help you clearly know the best way for traveling to Bhutan, we list main highlights and give advice for help.

1. Travel from Nepal to Bhutan by Flight

● You can enjoy the shortest flight time, just about 1 hour, by taking a Nepal to Bhutan Flight (Kathmandu - Paro Flight).

● On the airplane flying between Nepal and Bhutan, you have a great chance to view breathtaking snow-capped Himalayan Ranges if sit by window with a right position.

Nepal is a wonderful destination once rewarded as Lonely Planet’s Best Travel Destination. Tourists can spend several days discover the country, trace its ancient history and unique culture from those delicate religious architectures. Kathmandu Valley with UNESCO World Cultural Properties is worth a visit. Nature fans can go westward to Pokhara, Chitwan, while Buddhists could make pilgrimage to Lumpini. Exploration of Nepal and Bhutan, two Himalayan Kingdosm together, will give you total different feeling and memory.

Useful Link: How to Travel from Nepal to Bhutan

【How to Plan A Nepal Bhutan Tour】

You trip to Bhutan with Nepal can be short or long, all depends on your holiday plan and destinations going to visit. Since your travel is hard-won, we highly suggest you spend at least 9 days on the major highlights in Nepal and Bhutan, about 4 days in Kathmandu and 5 days to Paro, Thimphu and Punakha of Bhutan. Your Himalayan adventure can be extended further,maybe over half a month long, if you get more time and love to discover more local culture.

In Nepal, it usually takes 4 days for a classic itinerary, to tour top attractions in Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, including the famous UNESCO World Heritages, Durbarsquares, Boudhanath Stupa, etc. If time permits, you can get to Pokhara, enjoy beautiful peaceful Phewa Lake, try awesome paragliding, make a Annapurna Trek, or have a jungle safari in Chitwan, make a sacred pilgrimage in Lumbini. While in Bhutan, you should leave more than 5 days visiting the major cities, Paro, Thimphu and Punakha. The unique dzongs, monasteries and museums are best sites to help you catch a glimpse of Bhutanese local culture, history and life. Hiking and in-depth tour in Bhutan can be customized based on your requirements. Find more >> Hot Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages!

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How to Get to BhutanKathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport
How to Get to BhutanDurbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal
How to Get to BhutanBhutan's Punakha Dzong in Spring

2. Travel from India to Bhutan by Air or by Road:

● India has more flexible choices to get to Bhutan than Nepal. There are five cities you can depart from India to fly to Bhutan, they are Delhi, Kolkata, Gaya, Guwahti, Bagdogra. Meanwhile, you can make a road trip from India to Bhutan via three border ports.

● As one of the four ancient civilization countries in the world, India also offers diverse natural sights and cultural treasures for discovery. It is the sacred origin of Buddhism and famous for its splendid art relics and Yoga.

Warm Tips: Be well prepare if you are going to Nepal from India by road. The road trip could be long and involves visa things you need to work out in advance.

How to Get to BhutanRed Fort in New Delhi, India

Travel with Tibet Discovery

Tibet Discovery is a local based travel agency in Lhasa provides superior Himalayan tour to Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan. Traveling with us, you are assured to enjoy all our high-quality travel services, including vehicles, professional tour guide and experienced driver, well-organized itinerary, assistance of visa and permits application and other travel related services.

Your Himalayan tour will become worry free because we will settle all details in advance. You can get to destination as swiftly and smoothly as possible. Our local guide and driver can accompany you to airport or Gyirong Port. Transfer service from Gyirong Port to Kathmandu can be provided if you need. Moreover, you will enjoy the freedom and flexibility to stop on the way for sightseeing or photograph. All cars are equipped with skilled and reliable drivers who have many years of driving experience in Tibet. There is also an Oxygen Box prepared for tourists.

Besides, our travel consultants will customize a tour, apply all needed permits and book the flight/train for you. During journey, your local professional travel guide will be at your side and help you enjoy a wonderful journey. Contact us to start your Tibet and Nepal discovery now!

Customers of Tibet Discovery
Tibet Discovery Provides Best Tour Services

Recommended Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Packages

Following are some of our most recommended Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages that you may be interested in. All of our tour packages are classic itineraries, and can be tailor-made to meet your personal requirements. You can get more Bhutan Nepal Tours, or contact us to customize a trip if you want.

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