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Bhutan Travel FAQs and Tips 2021/2022

14 July 2020 Last updated at 11:59

1. Is independent travel allowed in Bhutan?

Bhutan is a mysterious kingdom with pure natural environment and well-preserved traditional culture, which are the precious treasures of Bhutan and make it the last Shangri-La in the world. Being an environment-friendly and traditional country, Bhutan pays great attention to protecting the treasures from damage. Therefore, independent is not allowed in Bhutan and you have to use the service from an authorized travel agency, including local travel guide, private car and service.

2. Is there special document needed to travel Bhutan?

Traveling to Bhutan, you need to prepare Bhutan Visa and valid passport. Unlike other countries, Bhutan visa can only applied by travel agency like Tibet Discovery on behalf of travelers. Sending us a scanned photocopy of your passport, we will apply visa from Tourism Council of Bhutan for. Once we receive your visa, we will send you the scanned photocopy which is needed when you board your flight to Bhutan. The original visa will be given to you once our guide meets you at the airport. Read more>>

3. How to Get to Bhutan?

The solo international airport is located Paro, and it is connected with Nepal, India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Singapore by nonstop flights. You travel from these countries to Bhutan directly. Most travelers choose to travel to Bhutan after a Nepal tour, because Nepal is also a perfect destination to explore and Kathmandu provides more flights than other cities to Bhutan. In addition, some travelers prefer to travel to Bhutan from India for there are many cities operate flights to Paro. It is also available to have an from India to Bhutan. Read more>>

4. When is the best time for a Bhutan trip?

Generally, Bhutan has mild spring, warm but rainy summer, cool autumn and cold winter, but the mixed climate differs from regions. With a lower altitude and good climate, western Bhutan is available to be visited all year around. But the best time is March ~ May and September ~ November when the weather is most comfortable and the landscape is perfect. If you visit Bhutan in these months, you can also extend your tour to central Bhutan to admire more natural and cultural attractions. Tsechu is also a good time to enjoy many splendid religious dances.Read more>>

5. Where to Go in Bhutan

There are really many places to visit in Bhutan. If your travel length is limited, you can’t miss Paro, Thimphu and Punakha which are convenient to be reached and enjoy large amounts of amazing attractions. You can take a trekking to Taktsang Monastery - the architectural wonder and the icon of Bhutan. Rinpung Dzong is a must to enjoy the example of Bhutanese dzong arhcitectures. The National Memorial Chorten in Thimphu is a sacred place to feel the beliefs of the local people. Don’t skip Punakha Dzong il which is the most beautiful dzong in Bhutan. Read more>>

6. How to Plan a Bhutan tour?

Since Paro International Airport is the only international airport in Bhutan, you can start a Bhutan tour from Paro. A Bhutan highlights tour takes about 6 days. Firstly, visit Bhutan National Museum and Rinpung Dzong. Then, you can travel to Thimphu – the charming capital city, where National Memorail Chotern is located. Punakha is a must as well for you can appreciate the most beautiful dzong. Next, go back to Paro and take a challenging but rewarding trekking tour to Taktsang Monastery. If you want to have an in-depth tour, just spend 4 more days vising central Bhutan, like Wnagdue Phodrang, Trongsa, Bhuthang etc. Read more>>

>> 5 Days Bhutan Classic Tour

>> 6 Days Last Shangri-La Highlights Tour

>> 9 Days Bhutan In-depth Tour

>> 8 Days Bhutan Adventure Tour with Haa Valley

7. How about the accommodation in Bhutan

Bhutan provides a large variety of hotels for tourists, including 5-star luxury hotels as well as budget hostels. In Paro, Thimphu and Punakha, there are most luxury hotel with elegant rooms, fully-equipped facilities, western restaurant and well-mannered staff. Besides, some of the rooms offer you a great view of the valley scenery. The accommodation in central Bhutan is relatively simple and basic, but the hotels are always clean and service is always good. You need to accommodate in the lodge or guesthouse in your trekking tour. Read more>>

8. Are there any etiquettes and Taboos in Bhutan?

While visiting dzongs, monasteries and temples, you need to dress modestly (no shorts or short skirts). Before entering a monastery, take off your hat and sunglasses. Sometimes, you are required to remove your shoes. Walk clockwise around monastery, stupas, prayer wheels and prayer walls. Don’t stray onto the dance ground at festivals in to look for the perfect spot, it is a very bad manner in Bhutan. It is forbidden to take photos in most monasteries and dzongs. Ask for permission if you want to photograph the monks or other local Bhutanese.

9. Is it expensive to travel Bhutan?

In order protect its tradition and nature and keep its old charm, Bhutan government limits the number of tourists by charging a minimum entry fee to travel Bhutan. Each tourist must pay $250 per day at least in peak season (February ~ May and August ~ December) and $200 per day at least in low season (January, June and July). The cost is reasonable because it covers most of your expenses, including tour guide, transportation in Bhutan, 3-star hotels and meals. Extra consumption like purchasing souvenirs is not included. A higher price will be charged if you don’t travel as group. Single traveler need to pay extra $40 per day and two travelers need to pay extra $30 per person per day.

10. What about Bhutanese Food?

Bhutanese food is featured and delicious, main dishes containing meat (yak, pork, beef and chicken), vegetables, rice and chilies. Most of the food is spicy because they always use chilies. For vegetarians, it is also easy to find some tasty food, like nettles, orchid, ferns and various mushrooms. There also some western-style restaurants to cater to different taste. Some Tibetan specialties are popular in Bhutan as well, including momos and noodles. Drink bottled mineral water which is available in hotels, restaurants or you can buy from the stores. It’s not safe to drink the tap water. Yak butter tea is popular and worth trying.

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