Tibet Weather and Climate - Best Time to Visit Tibet

09 March 2016 Last updated at 15:30

Tibet Weather and Climate

The climate of Tibet is influenced by its special topography and geographical environment. Different regions feature in different climate. Generally speaking, northern and western regions are cold and dry, while eastern and southern regions are warm and moist. The high plateau of more than 4000m and locating far away from oceans also have created a featured plateau climate in –thin air, strong sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, etc.

Usually, spring season is short and a little cold in most regions of Tibet. Summer is warm with strong sunlight during daytime. Autumn is windy, and start to get cold in later autumn. Winter is cold, and usually snows in most areas of Tibet. But it is warm during daytime because of rich sunlight. Rain season starts from June to September.

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Best Time to Visit Tibet

When is the best time to visit Tibet? Actually it is suitable to visit Tibet all year around because you can visit different regions in different seasons. Such as you can explore Nyingchi in spring, visit Everest in summer, discover Lhasa in winter. Autumn is the season for most destinations in Tibet. While you are suggested visit Tibet during April to October when you can get best landscape and enjoy a comfortable weather. The golden time for traveling is August and September.

  • Tibet Scenery - Changtang Grassland
    Tibet Scenery - Changtang Grassland

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Weather & Climate in Different Tibet Regions

Different regions feature in different weather. Here we offer specific weather information of different areas in Tibet:

Lhasa and surrounding

Lhasa has a pleasant weather. It is famous as “city of sunshine” - warm and humid, not so dry and windy during winter and spring. It is suitable to visit Lhasa all year around. Learn more about Lhasa weather

Shigatse and Gyantse

Shigatse and Gyantse share similar weather. Both two cities are flat and surrounded by mountains. They have a temperate weather with some rainfall. There is much sunlight in daytime. And it snows in winter. Learn more about Shigatse weather and Gyantse weather


Nyingchi has the best weather in Tibet, which is the reason why Nyingchi is renowned as “Oriental Switzerland”. It is the lowest region in Tibet. Plants grow very well in Nyingchi. Learn more about Nyingchi weather


Shannan has a temperate arid climate. Summer in Shannan is cool and short while winter is long, dry and windy. Average annual temperature is between 7.4–8.9 °C. Learn more about Shannan weather.


Ngari is windy all year around. It is also the coldest area in Tibet. There is huge temperature gap between daytime and night. Ngari has less rainfall most of which happen during May to September. Learn more about Ngari weather

Mt. Everest

As the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest has a extreme weather. But in tourist regions, such as Rongbuk Monastery and Everest Base Camp, it is not harsh. You can get warm sunshine in sunny days. Suitable vesting time is from May to October. Learn more about Everest weather

Northern Tibet

there are less rain. Recommended travel season is summer (July and August) to avoid terrible weather such as strong wind and heavy snowfall.

Real-time dynamic weather in Tibet

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Climate, Altitude and Latitude of Different Places in Tibet

Average TemperatureAltitudeNorth Latitude
Lhasa 7.4ºC (45.3ºF) 3,658 m (12,001 ft) 29°42′
Shigatse 6.3ºC (43.3ºF) 3,836 m (12,585 ft) 29°13′
Nyingchi 8.6ºC (47.5ºF) 3,000 m (9,842.5 ft) 39°33′
Nagqu -1.9ºC (28.6ºF) 4,507 m (14,787 ft) 31°29′
Chamdo 7.6ºC (45.7ºF) 3,204.7 m (10,514 ft) 31°11′
Damxung 1.3ºC (34.3ºF) 4,200 m (13,779.5 ft) 30°29′
Tsedang 8.3ºC (47ºF) 3,500 m (11,483 ft) 29°15′
Gyantse 4.7ºC (40.5ºF) 4,040 m (13,254.6 ft) 28°55′
Tingri 0.7ºC (33.3ºF) 4,300 m (14,107.6 ft) 28°38′
Pagri -0.1ºC (31.8ºF) 4,300 m (14,107.6 ft) 27°44′
Bome 8.5ºC (47.3ºF) 2,750 m (9,022 ft) 29°52′
Zayu -11.8ºC (10.8ºF) 2,327.6 m (7,636.5 ft) 28°39′
Amdo -3.0ºC (26.6ºF) 4,800 m (1,5748 ft) 32°21′

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