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Updated Mount Everest Maps, EBC Trek Maps and Everest Routes Maps

16 August 2017 Last updated at 14:33

Mount Everest – the world’s highest mountain is a world-famous attraction many people look forward to visit. Located at the border of Tibet China and Nepal, Mount Everest can be gotten to both from China and Nepal. To help get well acquainted with the EBC, Tibet Discovery offers you some maps as travel guide.

These maps include Mount Everest Geography Map, Nepal EBC Trekking Route Map, Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal City Map and Contour Map of Mount Sagarmatha Nepal, Peaks Around Mount Everest, Himalaya Sightseeing Map,etc. You are free to download them as a travel reference.

Everest Maps
Mount Everest Location Map
Everest Maps
Location of Mount Everest on China Map
Everest Maps
Location of Mount Everest on Nepal Map
Everest Maps
Kathmandu to Mount Everest Route Map
Everest Maps
Lhasa to Mount Everest Route 1
Everest Maps
Lhasa to Mount Everest Route 2
Everest Maps
Mount Everest Geography Map
Everest Maps
Nepal EBC Trekking Route
Everest Maps
EBC Location Map
Everest Maps
Himalaya Sightseeing Map
Everest Maps
Peaks Around Mount Everest
Everest Maps
Contour Map of Mount Everest in Nepal

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History Of Mount Everest
What is The History Of Named It Mount Everest???
2017-11-23 02:01
Dear Md Golam Robbany,

Thanks for your question. In fact, the peak was called Chomolungma (literally meaning Goddess Mother of the World) by the Tibetans and Sagarmatha (literally meaning Goddess of the Heaven) by the Nepalese originally.

In 1852, Radhanath Sikdar, a member of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India, discovered Mount Everest and thought it was the highest peak in the world. Several years later, it was confirmed, and the British named this peak after George Everest (the head of the survey) despite his objection. Nowadays, the name of Mount Everest is popular used in the world, especially in western countries.