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Nyingchi Travel Guide and Tours

16 May 2017 Last updated at 15:26
Lake Basum-tso: Tibet's Small Switzerland!

Basum-tso Lake

Basum-tso, which means "green water" in Tibet, is knowns as a heaven on the Ridge of the world.
It is a place interlaced with beauty, religion and attractive legends.


Namjagbarwa Peak

The Namjagbarwa Peak, literally "a spear piercing into the sky" in Tibetan language with an existence of over 700 million years and the first piece of land in the Himalayan region to emerge from the sea.

Nyingchi Lulang Scenic Villages

Lulang Forest

Featuring stunning alpine scenery, Lulang Forest, a typical plateau mountain meadow feast your eyes with a wonderful landscape and idyllic scenery in Nyingchi County.

Yarlung Zangbo River

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon

Yarlungzangbo Canyon which records world's deepest, longest, highest and most dangerous one canyon reaching depths of 5,382 meters surpassing the once-believed deepest Grand Canyon of Colorado in America.

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Nyingchi Overview

Nyingchi is a prefecture of Tibet which is located in the southeastern area of Tibet. From its west, south, east and north, they are Lhasa, Shannan, Qamdo and Nagqu. In Tibetan, Nyingchi means "the Throne of Sun" most because of its location. For other area in Tibet, Nyingchi is the place where sun rises visually. Nyingchi is the lowest area of Tibet with average elevation of 3,100m while it has the "biggest elevation gap" in the world: the lowest elevation is only 900m and in contrast the Namjagbarwa Peak has an elevation of 7,782m.

Traveling in Nyingchi is a quite different experience as you may experience in other parts of Tibet. On the barren Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, you hardly believe that there is a picturestic and firtile heaven land in Tibet. There you go, it is in Nyingchi. Stepping into Nyingchi, you will find the reason why Nyingchi is renowed as the "East Swizerland" and "Jiangnan of Tibet"(Jiangnan in Chinese means  the fertile and prosperous area in the south of the Yangtze).

Our Travelers' Favorite Nyingchi Tours

6 Days Tibet "Switzerland Views" Tour (Lhasa - Nyingchi)

6 days and 5 nights from $876pp

This tour is great for travelers who want to experience both the culture and natural landscape in a brief trip. You will start your travel from Lhasa visiting Potala, Jokhang, Sera, etc. Then you will be transferred to Nyingchi to explore the Eastern Switzerland landscapes there. Instead of transferring back to Lhasa, you will depart Tibet by flight directly from Nyingchi Milin Airport.

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7 Days Classic Lhasa Nyingchi Discovery Tour

7 days and 6 nights from $962pp

This tour is strongly recommended for those interested in natural landscape, an incredible tour into the eastern part of the mysterious Tibet to experience the contradiction of harsh landscape in Lhasa and the Switzerland view in Nyingchi - snow mountains, wild forests, pure lakes, flowers...

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8 Days Tibet Dream Tour from Nyingchi to Lhasa (Peach Flower Festival)

8 days and 7 nights from $1,018pp

This tour takes the advantage of convenient flights arrival and departure at Nyingchi, which means you don't have to return back to Lhasa after Nyingchi visit. Then explore the fabulous landscape in Nyingchi - pure lakes surrounded by wild forests, giant glaciers, snow mountains, grasslands, villages, etc. After Nyingchi visit, you will transfer directly to Lhasa where you will have a memorable Buddhist culture journey.

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14 Days Tibet Photography Tour

14 days and 13 nights from pp

An incredible tour into the eastern part of the mysterious Tibet to experience the contradiction of harsh landscape in Lhasa and the view of Switzerland in Nyingchi.

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Nyingchi Fast Facts

Elevation: 3,100m
Population: 195,000
Tibetan Meaning: Throne of Sun
Area Land: 3875 sq. kilometers
Time Zone: UTC+8
City seat: Bayi Languages: Tibetan, Madarin
Area Code: 542600

Nyingchi Weather & When to Go
Detailed Nyingchi Maps 2017

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