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Nyingchi Travel Guide - Attractions, Transporation, Weather, Tours

Nyingchi is a prefecture lying in the southeastern area of Tibet. It borders with Lhasa to east, Shannan to southwest, Qamdo to south and Nagqu to north. Literally meaning the Throne of Sun, Nyingchi gets its name because of its special location. For other areas in Tibet, Nyingchi is the place where sun rises visually. With the lowest elevation of only 900m and the highest elevation of 7,782m (altitude of Namjagbarwa Peak), Nyingchi owns the biggest elevation gap in the world. The average altitude is about 3,100m, making it the lowest area of Tibet.

Nyingchi – Eastern Swizerland and Jiannan of Tibet

Traveling in Nyingchi is a unique experience. On the barren Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, you hardly believe that there is such a picturesque and fertile heaven land in wild Tibet. Nyingchi is blessed with beautiful lakes, deep gorges, immense forests, azalea-filled meadows etc. Stepping into Nyingchi, you will find the reason why Nyingchi is renowned as the "East Swizerland" and "Jiangnan of Tibet"(Jiangnan in Chinese means the fertile and prosperous area in the south of the Yangtze). In fact, there are no peach flowers in Swizerland and no snow-capped peaks in Jiangnan. So Nyingchi really enjoys the incomparable beauty.

Top Nyingchi Attractions and Activities

Thanks to its characteristic geographic location and changeful climate, lots of great attractions are shaped in Nyingchi. The most alluring is its amazing natural landscape, especially in the spring when the peach flowers are in full blossom and the meadow takes on new green appearance under the foot of the snow-capped mountains. The top attractions include:

Basum-tso Lake

Type: Holy Lake & Natural Site

Altitude: 3,700 meters

Best time to visit: Summer & Autumn

Basum-tso, which means "green water" in Tibet, is known as a heaven on the Ridge of the world.It is a place interlaced with beauty, religion and attractive legends. As a holy lake of Nyingma sect, there are more scenic sites to tell its Buddhist culture.

Lulang Forest

Type: Natural Park, Alpine Scenery

Altitude: 3,700 meters

Best time to visit: Summer & Autumn

Featuring stunning alpine scenery, Lulang Forest, a typical plateau mountain meadow feast your eyes with a wonderful landscape and idyllic scenery in Nyingchi County.mountain meadow feast your eyes with a wonderful landscape and idyllic scenery.

Midui Glacier

Type: Natural Park, Alpine Scenery

Altitude: 2,400 meters

Best time to visit: Summer & Autumn

Midui Glacier is one of three most important marine glaciers and the lowest glacier in China. In the year 2005, Midui Glacier, known for its diverse forms and magnificent shapes of glaciers, was voted as one of “Six Most Beautiful Glaciers in China”.

Namjagbarwa Peak

Type: Snow Peak, Holy Religious Site

Altitude: 7,782 meters

Best time to visit: Summer & Autumn

With its majestic appearance, precipitous shape and unpredictable climate, Namjagbarwa Peak has been an ambitious aim of mountain-climbing organizations. A lot of hot springs are at the foot of the peak with particularly luxuriant vegetations.

Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon

Type: Nature, Canyon, River

Altitude: above 3,000 meters

Best time to visit: Summer & Autumn

It is considered as the most mysterious place in the “roof” above the Qinghai-Tiber Plateau. It records world's deepest, longest, highest and most dangerous one canyon reaching depths of 5,382 meters surpassing the once-believed deepest Grand Canyon.

Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival

Type: Nature, Event

Altitude: 2,900 meters

Best time to visit: Summer & Autumn

For the photographer or nature lovers, the best landscape in Nyingchi must be vast sea of peach blossoms in the spring. The Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival is held in the Peach Blossom Village and other places with vast peach blossoms.

Useful Nyingchi Travel Notes

  • 1. How to Plan Nyingchi Travel
    With available daily flights and lower elevation, Nyingchi can be the first stop of your Tibet tour. It is popular to have a 7~8 days Nyingchi and Lhasa tour. After your arrival, you can spend two days on picturesque Lulang Forest, famous Midui Glacier, and mirror-like Rawu Lake Then drive to Lhasa and explore the majestic Potala Palace and sacred Buddhist sites before leaving from Lhasa. There are available flights leaving Lhasa for some major cities in China. It is also available to get to and travel in Lhasa first, and then extend your tour to Nyingchi.
  • 2. Packing and Wearing
    What you can’t forget is to bring your passport, Chinese Visa and all needed permits, without them you are unable to have a Tibet tour. Then it is recommended to pack your stuffs in two bags – a bigger backpack and a smaller carryon bag. It is also important to bring the necessary medicine and sunscreens.Because of the special geography and climate, you wear properly to keep warm.
  • 3. High Altitude Sickness Tips
    The average altitude of Nyingchi is only about 3,000m, really low compared with some other regions in Tibet. There is no need to worry too much about High Altitude Sickness. However, if you drive from Nyingchi to Lhasa, you need to pass Mila Pass with a high altitude of 5,013m. It will be helpful to take some precautionary measures, like drinking more hot water, always keeping warm, avoiding strong activities, eating fresh vegetables and fruits etc. Your tour operator will also prepare oxygen supply for emergency use.
  • 4. Necessary Permits for Visiting Nyingchi
    Tibet Travel Permit is a must to travel in Tibet, and you can’t board your flight or trains to Tibet without it. It is issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau only and can be applied by travel agencies on behalf of you only. It must be obtained before you getting to Tibet, because you are not permitted to board your flight or train without it. Besides, Aliens’ Travel Permit is necessary to any places out of Lhasa. It is applied after you entering Tibet. Your tour guide will apply it with your Tibet Travel Permit and passport. Because Nyingchi is the boundary city in Tibet, so you need a Border Permit as well.

Most Recommended Nyingchi Tour Packages

Following are some other recommended Nyingchi tour packages that you may be interested in. All of our Tibet tour packages are customizable to meet your personal requirements. You can also contact us to customize a trip if you want.

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