Train Ticket Supply Shortage during Labor Days Holiday

Labor Days Holiday is approaching, which will bring a “golden week” for Tibet travel. And train ticket supply has been intense recently. We received news from Lhasa Railway Station that they are well prepared for this traffic peak: about 2154 passengers’ capacity can be transferred each day. >>recommended Tibet train tours

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“The traffics before Labor Days are mainly short or middle distance, while during Labor Days, traffics are mostly long distance from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.”

From early April, train ticket supply for inbound Tibet has been intense. While outbound ticket supply is abundant. But during Labor Days, outbound ticket will be shortage too. Softer sleeper, even hard sleeper seats are very difficult to book now. So if you are traveling in Tibet, buy the ticket as soon as possible. Or transfer by plane.

In common condition, passenger can book train ticket about 18~20 days ahead of departure day. You can check latest news on SINA Microblog of Lhasa Railway Station, or refresh ticket supply news on national railway service center

An officer told us some tips for ticket booking. It is hard to buy long distance ticket, such as Beijing Lhasa, Shanghai Lhasa, Guangzhou Lhasa, etc. Travelers can divide train journey to several parts, and buy ticket separately. Because most trains pass through Xining, so you can buy ticket from Lhasa to Xining firstly. Then buy ticket to other cities in Xining.


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