Ticket Fees Kept the Same as Fees in Peak Season during China National Holiday in Tibet

As National Holiday finished, it was reported that all Tibet scenic spots kept ticket fees as fees used to be in October, while in other parts of China, some scenic spots increased ticket fees, and some unpopular scenic spots lowered the ticket fees.

Potala Palace

Generally, all Tibet scenic spots charge by two standards according to peak season and off season. Peak season starts from 1, May to 31, October. This year’s ”Gold Week” was quite different from it used to be. Because China’s traditional Mid-Autumn Festival was right ahead of National Holiday, which made this “Gold Week” last from 30, September to 7, October, in total 8 days. It was reported that there were thousands of travelers flock to Tibet that time. Unlike some other parts of China, Tibet Travel Bureau decided to keep the ticket fees steady so as to build a stable and harmony traveling environment during holiday. Following is a list of detailed fees for some attractions in Tibet:

Potala Palace 200 RMB

Jokhang temple 85 RMB

Sera Monastery 55 RMB

Drepung Monastery 55 RMB

Mt. Everest 180RMB

Guge Kingdom Ruin 298 RMB

Tashilhumpo Monastery 80 RMB

During the “Gold Week”, booking of Tibet tours increased rapidly. Latest news from some Tibet travel agencies, the ticket supply of Potala Palace were in shortage, but they had applied for tours plan to insure all travelers can visit the Potala Palace. At the same time, hotels were celebrating the coming of accommodation peak, and the hotel price were increased about 30 percent.

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