Does one need visa to travel to Tibet separately from China visa on US passport?

Lately Tibet travel permit can be fortunately applied again. And there are many people (mostly American) asking on web, such as Google, Ask, Quora community: does one need visa to travel to Tibet separately from China visa on US passport? People from other countries who also plan to visit Tibet may also have same query.

Eventually Tibet visa (or permit) is necessary document apart from China visa and passport. Before your landing on Tibet, you will need to showcase the Tibet permit when check in flight or train to Tibet. So we strongly recommend you apply permit at least 20 days ahead of scheduled date to Tibet. When we talk about Tibet permit, we refer the Tibet Travel Bureau Permit (TTB Permit) which is the authoritative name. Some people also call it Tibet Entry Permit. Above permits are same document which can only be issued by Tibet Travel Bureau.

Then who need to apply Tibet permit? Generally speaking, all non-Chinese citizens, including US, Australian, British, German, French, Canadian, etc, need to hold Tibet permit. Citizens of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan don’t have to apply permit.

Tibet Travel Permit

To get Tibet Permits, you need:

  • work out a detailed itinerary in Tibet and book a tour from a China travel agency.
  • pay for a tour guide for your every day tour(your travel agency will arrange for you).
  • hire a vehicle(normally a 4WD) for your transportation outside Lhasa(your travel agency will arrange for you).
  • send a deposit to your travel agency through Paypal or bank transfer
  • send a scan of your passport information and China visa.
  • arrange a detailed address in China(hotel, guesthouse or local agency) to receive your posted TTP permit.

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