Why Take A Train to Tibet

Tibet greets thousands of travelers each year Since Qinghai Tibet Railway’s first operation from July 1st, 2006. This number is becoming larger and larger. While, why is it so popular to take a train to Tibet?

Qinghai Tibet Railway
Take a Train to Tibet

Fabulous sightseeing & cultural experience

No matter where you start your train journey – Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xining, you definitely will be amaze by the stunning sightseeing landscape along the rail. The whole train trip can be divided into two parts: route between starting city (Beijing, Chengdu…) and Xining, Qinghai to Tibet. Well, there is nothing special for the first section except for some small cities, farmlands, mountains. The Qinghai Tibet section is the feature. The particular high plateau sceneries make it a wonderful trip.

From Xining to Lhasa, you will pass by many fantastic attractions. About 150km away from Xining, railway passes by near shores of the largest salt water lake in China – Qinghai Lake (altitude: 3260m). It is also one of the most beautiful lakes in China. Going forward is the vast Hohxil Nature Reserve. It is renowned as one of the best reserved of wild area. You also have chance to see the rare Tibetan antelopes inhabiting there. Along the way, you will also see the Tuotuohe River which is the source of Yangtze River. When passing through Nagchu, you won’t feel disappointed. The endless grasslands, beautiful snow mountains, blue and pure Tsonag Lake, idyllic sheep and yaks – imagine put all these in a picture, how beautiful it is! Well, in this journey on the highest railway, you get them all. >>6 Days Discover Tibet Train Tour from Xining

Qinghai Tibet Railway
Qinghai Tibet Railway

A gradual process of acclimating the high altitude

High altitude reaction is always a crucial issue when traveling in Tibet. While taking train to Tibet itself is a great process of acclimating the high altitude. The effective section is the route between Xining and Lhasa. Train departs from Xining(altitude:2261m), and starts to climb to higher altitude. It reaches the peak station – Tanggula station(altitude: 5070m), then goes lower before arrival at Lhasa(altitude:3650).

Cheap price

Train ticket is cheaper than flight ticket. Generally the price is fixed. There are three kinds of seats: hard seats, hard sleeper and soft sleeper. But in peak season, it is difficult to ensure to get the ticket.

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Train Ticket Supply Shortage during Labor Days Holiday

Labor Days Holiday is approaching, which will bring a “golden week” for Tibet travel. And train ticket supply has been intense recently. We received news from Lhasa Railway Station that they are well prepared for this traffic peak: about 2154 passengers’ capacity can be transferred each day. >>recommended Tibet train tours

Mount Everest

“The traffics before Labor Days are mainly short or middle distance, while during Labor Days, traffics are mostly long distance from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, etc.”

From early April, train ticket supply for inbound Tibet has been intense. While outbound ticket supply is abundant. But during Labor Days, outbound ticket will be shortage too. Softer sleeper, even hard sleeper seats are very difficult to book now. So if you are traveling in Tibet, buy the ticket as soon as possible. Or transfer by plane.

In common condition, passenger can book train ticket about 18~20 days ahead of departure day. You can check latest news on SINA Microblog of Lhasa Railway Station, or refresh ticket supply news on national railway service center http://www.12306.cn/

An officer told us some tips for ticket booking. It is hard to buy long distance ticket, such as Beijing Lhasa, Shanghai Lhasa, Guangzhou Lhasa, etc. Travelers can divide train journey to several parts, and buy ticket separately. Because most trains pass through Xining, so you can buy ticket from Lhasa to Xining firstly. Then buy ticket to other cities in Xining.


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