Where to take a spring vacation in Tibet?

Tibet consists of 7 prefectures: Lhasa(capital), Shigatse(second largest city), Shannan, Nagqu, Ngari, Qamdo, Nyingchi. Lhasa, Shigatse and Shannan are the top 3 destinations in Tibet. They are major areas where have great Buddhism influence. Nagqu has holy Lake Namtso. Ngari has amazing landscape but it is remote and poor conditioned. Qamdo has few things to do. The last Nyingchi is the most special one which has both long lasting culture as well as stunning nature views. Especially in spring season, you will see a prosperous and beautiful land in Tibet. Then what Nyingchi has to offer?

Nyingchi Peach Flower

Basumtso Lake

Unlike the three holy lakes(Namtso, Yamdrok, Manasarovar) which are surrounded by snow mountains, Basum-tso lake looks like a green jade. At surrounding of Basumtso, it is prosperous virgin forest. Most surprising view is the small island of trees and flowers in the middle of lake. Overlook from lake, you will get amazing snow mountain and clouds views. Basum-tso lake details>>

Nyingchi Basumtso Lake

Yarlungzangbo Canyon 

Yarlungzangbo Canyon is recorded as the deepest, longest, highest and most dangerous canyon in the world which reaches a depth of 5,382 meters.  The valley is home to varieties of species, due to its wide range of sea levels. And spring season greets its “green world”. All the plants turn into green because of the waterfall and humid weather. Yarlungzangbo Canyon is one the most popular places for trekking as well. Yarlungzangbo Canyon details>>

Yarlung Zangbo River

Peach flower

Seeing peach flower is the most popular activities in Nyingchi in spring. You can see the dazzling peach everywhere, such as villages, farmlands, and highway. The best way is to drive along the 318 National Road or 306 Provincial Road. April and early May are the flower season. So you have got to hurry up now.

National Highway 318

Cypress trees

Cypress trees are right close to Nyingchi county. If you are plants lover, you come the right place. At the altitude of 3000m, there are a forest cypress trees which covers more than 21 acres. Among of all there is a tree which is aged over 2500 years old with a diameter of 6m.