Useful Tips for Traveling to Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the dream destination for many travelers. Many years ago, only the professional mountaineers can get this highest peak in the world because it is not located in a town, even a village. Fortunately road and electric have been built to the Everest, which make it easy for many people to chase their Everest dream. Then what are the things that you have to put in your mind?Mount Everest Base Camp

How to get to Everest

Since Mount Everest is located on the border of Nepal and China. So you can get to there from both sides. Well we recommend the north side in Tibet so that you can connect Everest with other attractions in Tibet. Two options for you to choose: If you start your trip from Lhasa, 8 Days Tibet Everest Tour is the suitable itinerary. You will spend three days in Lhasa, then travel a full day from Lhasa to Shigatse via Gyantse. Lastly, drive nearly 10 hours from Shigatse to Everest on which the sightseeing is amazing. If you start your trip in Kathmandu, after across the border, you will be picked up in Zhangmu, then travel a day from Zhangmu to Everest. >>details

After visiting Everest, you can extend your trip to Shigatse, Gyantse and Lhasa, etc.

Mount Everest Map
Driving Route from Lhasa to Mount Everest

Where to stay

On the place where is about 5,200 meters above the sea level, you are not allowed to expect a luxury accommodation. Large tent hotel is your only choice. Good news is now electric is able to use now. Usually a tent can house about 6 people. And there is no shower here. Though suffering, but you will not regret when you see the breathtaking sunset and sunrise on the peak of the world. If you want to take a relatively better accommodation, you can stay overnight in Tingri town which is about 100km away from Everest Base. >>more about Everest accommodation

Rongbuk Monastery Guest House

What to pack

The places near to the Rongbuk Monastery and Everest Base Camp are very cold especially in the night. So bring warm thick clothes. Also pack gloves and hat to prevent from the possible snowing. Glasses and sun cream are needed due to the strong ultraviolet ray. There is no restaurant and shop market on the Everest, so you can pack some high-energy food and fruits. You can also prepare a small portable oxygen bottle because you may feet hard to breath in the night. But usually your travel agency will bring oxygen for you.

How to have fun

Sunset and sunrise are the best features. Sunset generally starts at 7 pm ~ 8 pm. Sunrise starts at 6 am ~ 7 am. Don’t miss the chance. Trekking from Rongbuk Monastery to EBC is a spectacular experience. But it is a little bit tough. You can also take a bus to EBC(7km/20min).

Mount Everest Hiking

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Everest Base Camp Is Able to Use Electricity Now

We got news from State Grid Corporation of China that the 10KV Electric Power to Everest Project completed on 15th, April. This could be the most inspiring news for the Everest tourism. And the important gathering base for travelers – Everest Base Camp is able to use electricity now.

Mount Everest Electric

The project director Ba Dunzhu said the whole electric project took 2 years to complete, which will also bring electricity to about 1011 families of 21 villages along the project. As you know, many rural places in Tibet are unable to construct the electric wires due to the poor transportation and high altitude.

This project also brings electricity to Rongbuk Monastery, the highest-altitude monastery in the world (5,100m). Jiabu, an officer in Rongbuk Monastery said: “Our monks have been waited for the electricity for long time. Now lightening is no problem, and we can listen to the radios and watch television now”.

Mount Everest Electric

Russian Claims Base Jumping Record off Mount Everest

Mount Everest

14:30 on 5th, May, 2013,  a new world base jumping record was created by Valery Rozov, a Russian daredevil, who jumped off the north face of Mount Everest in a special wingsuit.

Rozov, 48, claimed the record for the world’s highest-ever base jump, at 7,220 meters above sea level.

Rozov, with his companions, climbed up to the Everest Base Camp from morth side of Everest. With assistance of 4 local Tibetan,  Rozov reached the jump location which has a elevation of 7220m. After all preparation got ready, he jumped with a special wingsuit which he had designed for almost two years. He glided for a full a minute in the thin mountain air, reaching speeds up to 125 mph, before landing at a glacier at 5950 meters.

Mount Everest
“Only when I got back home did I see how hard it was for me both physically and psychologically,” Rozov said.

Rozov had many successful jumping histories. He jumped into an active volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia’s Fast East in 2009. In 2012, in a warmup for the Mount Everest leap, he jumped from 6,420 meters from Shivling in the Himalayas.

Mount Everest