Lhalu Wetland

Everybody think Lhasa is a barren city because it is located at 3650 meters above the sea level. While this is not totally true. Actually Lhasa is not only a “Sunshine city” but also a “Green city”. Thanks to the wide Lhasa River which gives great environment for the plants to survive here. Lhalu Wetland is one of the best nature reserve in Lhasa.

Lhalu Wetland
Beautiful Lhalu Wetland

Location: northwestern corner of Lhasa

With a total area of more than 6 square kilometers at 3,645 meters above the sea level, the Lhalu Nature Reserves is a typical plateau wetland. Hundreds years ago, I was manor of a very famous Tibetan noble family – Lhalu. The web climate and float grass are rare on the plateau. Groups of wild birds such as ruddy shelducks, yellow ducks, Tibetan syrrhapters, bareheaded geese, brown-headed gulls and laverocks can be seen here every year. The national first class protections animal, black-necked cranes also enjoy their life here.

Tips: It only periodically opens in hot season in order to protect the environment. Tourists can take overlook on Beijing West Road, Dangre West Road and Luding North Road