Medog – the last mysterious virgin land in Tibet

Medog County, also Motuo County in mandarin, used to be known as the last county which didn’t have road access in China. Last year, a highway is completed and opened for traffic. And now Medog has become one of most “want- to- visit-most” places in Tibet.

Overview about Medog County

Medog County is an administrative county of Nyingchi Prefecture, located in southeastern Tibet, downstream of Yarlung Tsangpo River. It has a population of about 12,000 people of mainly Tshangla ethnic minority and Lhoba ethnic group.

Tibet Medog
Road to Tibet Medog

Due to the lower elevation and as the downstream of Yarlung Tsangpo River, Medog is featured in humid weather, wild nature, and fully-preserved environment. It has become a holy place for trekking lovers. Each year, there are thousands of trekkers come here to enjoy the amazing adventure. >>Tibet trekking and camping tours

Beautiful and Mysterious Medog
Beautiful and Mysterious Medog

Medog County city area is improved with many amenities now, including bus station, internet access, hotel service, post & mailing. But compared to other places in Tibet, it is still very undeveloped.


Sightseeing Platforms Are Open for Usage in Namtso Lake National Park

Namtso Lake starts to unfreeze as the weather gets warm in May. “From late October of last year, Namtso lake started to freeze because of often heavy snow. And the whole lake water was frozen in January of this year until May days come when the lake gets alive again”, said by an officer in Namtso Lake Park.

Namtso Lake

Also in the early May, 6 brand new sightseeing platforms are open for travelers. Travelers don’t have to find the perfect location of sightseeing again.

“Standing on the Nala Bealock, I saw the sprawling snow mountains and colorful prayer flags waving in the wild. I found a precious peace in my mind. And I recorded this amazing view in my camera.” Miss Bai said who visited Namtso several days ago.

Namtso Lake

Integrated Service Area is about to constructed soon. Many amenities and service will be made for travelers’ convenience: consulting, tour guide, transportation, leisure, shopping…

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