Recommended Attractions along the Nepal Tibet Highway That You Can’t Miss out

Route between Lhasa and Kathmandu is becoming more and more popular among travelers. Because it gathers most of the best highlights of Tibet along this route. At the same time, you don’t have to waste time running the round road. And the Nepal Tibet Highway is the road for you to explore them all. So what does this great highway offers?

China Nepal Friendship Highway

Yamdrok Lake

Driving southwards, Yamdrok Lake is less 100km away from Lhasa. There, you have chance to see “the most beautiful waters in the world. Yamdrok is renown as one of “three holy lake”with Namtso and Manasarovar. It is one of the clearest lakes without any pollution in Tibet. The water is as clean as crystal, and the glimmering water will shock you in sunshine. With it being branded as the crystal holy lake, one will always carry a sense of worship when standing beside the lake.

Palkor Monastery

Palkor Monastery is located in the northeast of Gyantse city, where is about 230km away from Lhasa.. It has two features: firstly, it is a monastery which friendly houses monks of three Tibet Buddhim sects: Gelug, Kadampa and Kagyu. Secondly, it has a magnificent stupa – Myriad Buddha Stupa which consists of hundreds of chapels arranged in layers, housing some 100,000 images of Buddhas.

Palkor Monastery

Tashilumpo Monastery

Tashilumpo Monastery is the Buddhism center of the whole southern Tibet. It also plays a important role to Tibet due to its being the seat of Panchen Lama who is another leader of Tibet Buddhism. It is located on a hill in the center of the Shigatse city. There are four highlights you can’t miss: Jamba Buddha Statue, Panchen Lama’s Palace, Sutra Hall and Gyeni Chanting Hall.. There are many other buildings you can see that can reflect Tibetan architecture and culture.

Mount Everest

You have too many reasons to visit the peak of the world even once in a lifetime. It is a must-see attraction when traveling in Tibet. It is not very far away from both Shigatse city and Zhangmu town(near to Nepal border). Everest Base Camp is the gathering point where you can trek to the upper altitude to get better views. Near to the base is the famous Rongpulk Monastery.

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